Tampa Weather Today: A few showers today, with more rain expected

For Tampa’s weather news, there’s a chance of a few raindrops this morning, but there won’t be much rain today. Partly sunny skies will accompany somewhat colder temperatures, with highs this afternoon reaching about 70°. Most of the Tampa Bay region will see consistent, light rain through early Thursday morning as a result of a … Read more

Holiday rush in Tampa International Airport starts now

Christmas music with bells and jingles is once again audible throughout Tampa International Airport. “We plan for this many months in advance as we do for every busy period at the airport,” said Adam Bouchard, VP of Operations for the airport. “We are expecting to set records for Christmas, although our busiest time of year … Read more

Tampa Weather Today: Cloudy, Warmer Christmas Ahead

Time for Tampa Weather Today. Even with the additional clouds during the day, this afternoon’s high will reach the low to mid-70s. With only a slight breeze, it should be a pleasant day to be outside. This weekend will see even warmer temperatures, with Saturday and Sunday highs in the mid-to upper 70s. Every day, … Read more

LIST: Restaurants open in Tampa Bay this Christmas Day

This year, there are a number of places open on Christmas Day, whether you burned the Christmas ham or want to try something else. Here is a list of nearby dining establishments that will be open on Christmas Day for service. Please call the restaurant for the most recent information since hours may still vary! … Read more

Cold weather shelters opening across Tampa Bay area this week

This week, cold weather shelters for the homeless and those living in homes without enough heat but unable to locate other housing will open throughout the Tampa Bay area. In Hillsborough County, the National Weather Service predicts that local temperatures will drop to 40 degrees or lower on Monday night due to wind chill. The … Read more

Which stores are open this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Going on a last-minute shopping spree this Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? There are a few choices available to you if you have to make an impromptu trip to the supermarket – yes, staff got to go on a holiday too! If you wanna check the chains of shops and restaurants that are open on … Read more

Buc-ee’s to open new carwash in Florida station

Buc-ee’s is expanding one of its Florida locations to include a car wash. Beside its Daytona Beach location, the enormous convenience store and petrol station renowned for its “beaver nuggets” and Texas-style brisket sandwiches is putting up a new car wash. The Volusia County Property Appraiser states that 1610 Technology Boulevard is where the new … Read more

List of Postponed and Canceled Tampa Bay Events due to Saturday Storms

It’s 10 days before Christmas! Unfortunately, a number of holiday festivities have been postponed or canceled due to the severe weather that is predicted to sweep through Tampa Bay this weekend. To keep you on the loop, we compiled a list of all the events that have been canceled this weekend in Tampa Bay. The … Read more

Tampa Weather Today: Expect a washout weekend

Do you have plans to go outdoors this weekend? You may have to consider rescheduling them, especially on Saturday. Based on model data, by 8 AM, showers are expected for much of the area on Saturday. As the storm passes through, the day is expected to be a washout. Still, there will be severe winds … Read more

Tampa Bay’s Festival of Lights expands drive-thru light display

Still wondering where to take the family or loved ones this coming weekend? Tampa Bay transforms into a brilliant winter wonderland as the holiday season approaches, and the Hillsborough County Fairgrounds in Dover proudly joins the hype with the Festival of Lights and Santa’s Village! This event, nestled in the middle of the festive landscape, … Read more