Fuel prices in Florida takes small dip this Thursday

Florida’s average gas prices fell somewhat again on Thursday. According to AAA, the average gas price in Florida on Thursday was $3.45 per gallon, a penny lower than the day before. The current Florida average gas price is $4.89, which was set on Monday, June 13, 2022. Florida drivers paid an average of $3.50 per … Read more

Tampa-based Kelly Casto helps seniors in Florida with ‘healthy food’ mobile market

Due to the high expense of food, some seniors must choose between buying their medicines and buying groceries. And Florida woman Kelly Casto has discovered a way to assist certain seniors by using a mobile market. Kelli Casto distributes free fresh fruits and vegetables to seniors in Central Florida five days a week. Every day … Read more

Tampa Bay Summer Special: Our Top 7 Beaches Near Tampa – Best for Families

Florida, known as the Sunshine State, has some of the best beaches near Tampa for families, making it a top destination for unforgettable family vacations. With over 1,350 miles of coastline, the state boasts an impressive array of pristine shorelines, crystal-clear waters, and diverse marine life. Its subtropical climate ensures warm temperatures year-round, making it … Read more

Tourism: Total number of Canadians flocking to Florida has reached 1.44 million – only for the 1st quarter of 2023

According to tourism officials, travel to Florida from Canada has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels, but visa concerns continue to impede the state’s efforts to attract overseas visitors.  Visit Florida stated that the state attracted an anticipated 1.44 million Canadians during the first quarter of 2023. COVID-19 vaccine restrictions have been abolished at the Canada-U.S. … Read more

Tampa Bay Area to experience triple-digit heat index

With the heat index projected to hit 101 degrees in Tampa and as high as 110 in some inland locations on Wednesday, public safety authorities across the Bay Area are advising residents to exercise caution by remaining indoors, staying hydrated, and checking on vulnerable neighbors and loved ones.  Heat-related disease or even death is conceivable … Read more

Tampa Weather Today: Warm, with little afternoon showers

For today’s weather news in Tampa, temperatures reach the low 90s without some afternoon showers and storms. With the added humidity from the Gulf of Mexico, it will feel closer to 100 degrees this afternoon.  The constant breeze from the Gulf not only increases humidity, but also blows any showers that form fast off to … Read more

Newly signed Florida law gives more parental rights to unmarried biological fathers

Focusing on fathers’ rights, a bill known as “The Good Dad Act” was unanimously passed by the Florida House and Senate and is now a law.  Unmarried fathers who have established they are the biological father are granted the same rights and duties as the mother. Before voting in favor, Miami Democratic State Rep. Kevin … Read more

Clearwater to finalize Smoking and Vaping Ban in beaches and parks

Clearwater City council are slated to vote on the second reading of an ordinance prohibiting smoking and vaping at city beaches and parks on Monday afternoon. During a city council meeting on Friday, the ordinance was unanimously approved. “I think overall it’s good,” Clearwater resident Kelly Bowland remarked. “It will help to reduce litter and … Read more

8 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Tampa this 2023

Tampa, Florida, has long been a popular destination for dining and leisure, attracting food enthusiasts and vacationers alike. As a city that offers a diverse culinary scene, Tampa features a variety of options for those seeking a delicious morning meal. With a thriving food culture, the best breakfast restaurants in Tampa this 2023 cater to … Read more