How “Halloween” became “Halloween” – the evolution of traditions

There was an old fall event that predated Halloween as we know it, before black cats, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating. “It comes from the ancient Irish Celtic celebration of Sauin, which was their new year’s festival,” explained Lisa Morton, a local historian. Lisa Morton has written several Halloween books. She claims that the Keltic people … Read more

October will end warm, welcoming November with a cool blast

This afternoon, temperatures will quickly rise into the mid-upper 80s, significantly higher than the national average of 82. The afternoon will be cloudy, but no rain is forecast. With highs in the mid-80s, it’s still warm for Halloween. And in the evening, trick-or-treating should be mainly dry. A stray shower is possible, especially east of … Read more

HALLOWEEN 2023: List of Spooky Events and Parties in Every Tampa Bay County

It’s the time of the year where we dress up like our favourite characters, bring out our pumpkins for Trick or Treat, raise glasses and show off in Halloween parties! Here at Tampa Bay, the Halloween season is already in full swing for the last week of October. We gathered the list of events planned … Read more

Zoo Tampa’s Creatures of the Night RETURNS this October 2023

Still got no plans for the upcoming Halloween? Zoo Tampa’s annual Halloween event ‘Creatures of the Night’ can be the one you’re looking for, as they have begun with some exciting new additions. As part of this year’s revamped Vampire Ball, the family-friendly event welcomes new hosts, Count Chirop and Countess Tera. According to their … Read more