Our Top 10 Michelin Star Restaurants in Tampa – Must Try

michelin star restaurants in tampa tampa bay observer

One cannot just say no to restaurants, especially when it has earned a Michelin star. The good news is, for the past years, Michelin star restaurants in Tampa have offered dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary – a vibrant mix of global cuisines, local seafood, and fresh produce. In this article, we will … Read more

From the Wild: How to Survive or Avoid an Alligator Encounter

Living in Tampa, the allure of glistening waters and the charm of wetland fauna are captivating. Among the locals of these water bodies, the American alligator is a source of fascination. But one may ask, “How to survive an alligator encounter or avoid one?” With a spate of incidents related to alligator encounters in Tampa, … Read more

Tampa Bay Tips: 6 Driving Tips to Remember During the Stormy Season

The wet season is officially taking over Tampa Bay. As traveling is inevitable, especially with the approaching weekend, Tampa Bay Observer gives you driving tips to help you safety maneuver through the weather, especially when the storms and rain start to fall. 1. Drive Slow, Drive Steady When the rain starts pouring, the first rule … Read more