Biggest COVID-19 wave of 2023 might happen in weeks, experts say

The current CDC models predict an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations until the end of the year. “The bad news is that test positively is up, hospitalizations are up, and emergency department is up, visits, I mean,” said Dr. Jill Roberts, associate professor for the USF College of Public Health. This comes as a new version, … Read more

The Vaccine You Need When You’re Over 50 – Got Your Shot?

vaccine you need when you're over 50

Have you considered the vaccines you need when you’re over 50? Because hitting half a century isn’t just about enjoying more leisure time or spoiling the grandkids—it’s also about taking extra steps to protect your health.  The vaccine you need when you’re over 50 is crucial because, as we age, our immune system isn’t as … Read more