10 Highly-Recommended Taco Places in the Sun-Kissed City – Must Try!

Whether you’re a fan of savory carne asada, succulent barbacoa, or crave the vegetarian delights of roasted veggies and tangy salsas, Tampa’s taco shops have something to satisfy every palate. Here at Tampa Bay Observer, we gathered a list of the highly recommended taco shops for every craving, and every budget. 

1. Los Chapos Tacos

Address: 951 East 7th Ave, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-227-8999

A hip and trendy joint, Los Chapos Tacos combines bold flavors and inventive combinations in their fusion tacos, such as Korean BBQ tacos and shrimp and grits tacos. The lively atmosphere is perfect for a night out with friends, featuring creative cocktails and inviting outdoor seating for a fun dining experience.

2. Catrinas Tacos and Tequila Bar

Address: 1611 N Howard Ave, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-898-8628

At Catrinas, beautiful hand-painted murals and a warm atmosphere welcome you to this tequila bar serving delicious tacos. Their tacos are known for their authentic Mexican taste, artful presentation, and various meat options, such as slow-roasted pork, marinated steak, and grilled chicken.

3. Taco Dirty

Address: 2221 W Platt St, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-314-7900

Taco Dirty is a health-conscious eatery offering a menu filled with fresh, innovative, and nutritious tacos. Their tacos are unique due to options like cauliflower rice, quinoa, avocado crema, and vegetarian and vegan-friendly choices. The laid-back atmosphere, eco-friendly packaging, and indoor and outdoor seating make this spot perfect for a casual and environmentally-conscious meal.

4. Bartaco

Address:  1601 W Snow Ave, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-258-8226

Bartaco serves up gourmet tacos in a stylish atmosphere. Their tacos stand out with high-quality ingredients, chef-driven recipes, and a rotating selection of seasonal specialty tacos, such as crispy avocado or seared swordfish. With chic coastal-inspired decor and an outdoor patio featuring a fire pit, Bartaco provides a fashionable dining experience for taco lovers.

5. Tacos El Borracho

Address: 2602 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-505-4430

This popular food truck offers tasty street tacos with tempting toppings, like pineapple salsa and cilantro lime crema. Their generous portions of flavorful meats and rotating specials and menu items make Tacos El Borracho a go-to option for a quick and delicious meal.

6. Miguelitos Taqueria Y Tequilas

Address: 2702 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-872-5600

Miguelitos is perfect for a fun night with a lively atmosphere and delicious tacos. Their unique and tasty taco options, such as the achiote-marinated pork taco, cactus, and mushroom taco, pair perfectly with their homemade tortillas and salsas. Enjoy a fun and energetic ambiance with regular happy hour specials.

7. Rocky’s Tacos Tampa

Address: 1201 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL

 Contact Number: +1 813-374-5324

A cozy spot with a friendly vibe, Rocky’s Tacos offers mouth-watering tacos packed with flavor. Their made-from-scratch tortillas, special house-made salsas, and various meat options, including slow-cooked barbacoa and marinated al pastor, delight each taco. The welcoming atmosphere, family-owned and operated setting, and local artwork on display make this a great place to enjoy a relaxed and intimate meal.

8. Tampa Tacos

Address: 2745 W Chestnut St, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-619-3118

This casual eatery features a mix of classic and inventive tacos in a relaxed environment. Their creative twist on classic taco recipes, like the Buffalo chicken taco and the grilled mahi-mahi taco, is elevated with homemade salsas, like the pineapple habanero. With a vibrant and colorful setting and friendly, attentive staff, Tampa Tacos is the perfect spot to enjoy a tasty meal with friends or family.

9. Xtreme Tacos Restaurant

Address: 5609 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-304-2639

You’ll find a menu at Xtreme Tacos with unique taco creations and bold flavor combinations. Standout options include the Philly cheesesteak taco and the Thai chicken taco, making each visit an unforgettable dining experience.

10. Taqueria Emanuel

Address: 2800 N Mac Dill Ave, Tampa, FL

Contact Number: +1 813-513-5128

This authentic Mexican taqueria focuses on traditional flavors and tender, slow-cooked meats. Taqueria Emanuel’s tacos are celebrated for their handmade tortillas and various house-made salsas, such as the smoky chipotle and tangy tomatillo.

Flavorful Fiesta Awaits

As we reach the end of our taco adventure, it’s clear that Tampa has many delicious and unique taco spots waiting to be discovered. From the fusion flavors of Los Chapos Tacos to the authentic Mexican taste at Taqueria Emanuel, there’s a taco experience for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet creations at Bartaco or health-conscious options at Taco Dirty, the Tampa taco scene has you covered! Happy eating!

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