Biggest COVID-19 wave of 2023 might happen in weeks, experts say

The current CDC models predict an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations until the end of the year. “The bad news is that test positively is up, hospitalizations are up, and emergency department is up, visits, I mean,” said Dr. Jill Roberts, associate professor for the USF College of Public Health. This comes as a new version, … Read more

How a Diabetic Can Enjoy Thanksgiving Meals this 2023

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and if you have diabetes, this food-centric holiday can be difficult. And there’s more to consider than sugary desserts — hefty side dishes, enormous amounts, and free-flowing drinks! But, according to experts, Thanksgiving is a once-a-year occasion, and you don’t have to forego all of your favorite meals. In this article, … Read more

New St. Leo program focuses on training, retaining nurses amid shortage

In order to alleviate the nursing shortage, the state of Florida is investing in nursing programs in order to attract more competent candidates. According to a Florida Hospital Association report, the state will be short 59,000 nurses in the next 12 years. Gov. Ron DeSantis said earlier this year that over $80 million would be … Read more

Free COVID-19 tests are back – here’s how you can order online.

The federal government’s free COVID-19 tests are back. On September 25, the government has reopened its program to supply Americans with tests, and consumers can begin ordering them online. allows each household to order up to four free tests. Because there have been supply chain concerns with home tests in the past, the Biden … Read more

Tampa’s Water Department to Offer Webinars on Water Conservation

Tampa households and businesses, according to the city, use much too much water. According to leaders, the problem stems from an extremely dry wet season. This year, the city has had to purchase water twice, which may potentially result in increased expenses. “We can all think about water conservation every day and take the time … Read more

10 Best Healthcare Companies to Work for in Tampa this 2023

best healthcare companies to work for in tampa tampa bay observer

With a diverse population and a growing demand for quality healthcare services, Tampa has become home to numerous hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers. These organizations range from large, nationally-recognized facilities to smaller, specialized clinics, offering various job opportunities for healthcare professionals of all levels and specialties. For professionals in the healthcare industry, selecting the right … Read more

Pinellas County residents may notice ‘different taste’ in water – here’s why.

Some Pinellas County homeowners may notice a change in the taste of their water, but county officials told them on Monday that there is nothing to be concerned about. The county claims that the change in taste is the result of the water treatment system temporarily switching from chloramine to chlorine disinfection. The adjustment will … Read more

The Vaccine You Need When You’re Over 50 – Got Your Shot?

vaccine you need when you're over 50

Have you considered the vaccines you need when you’re over 50? Because hitting half a century isn’t just about enjoying more leisure time or spoiling the grandkids—it’s also about taking extra steps to protect your health.  The vaccine you need when you’re over 50 is crucial because, as we age, our immune system isn’t as … Read more

Mosquito experts to hold briefing on diseases weeks after Hurricane Idalia

Mosquito experts from across the state will hold a video briefing Tuesday to discuss their efforts to keep mosquito populations from expanding. Officials were concerned during Hurricane Idalia last week because storm surge and standing water might create an ideal habitat for them to breed. Malaria had not been observed in Florida in 20 years … Read more

Gentle Care for the Golden Years: Best Natural and Vegan Skincare for Seniors

Natural and vegan skincare is steadily gaining prominence in the beauty and health sector. As the skin naturally ages, it demands a regimen that offers rejuvenation, moisture, and revitalization without compromising the purity of ingredients. Moreover, it ensures gentle care and aligns with the global movement toward sustainable and cruelty-free living. Here at Tampa Bay … Read more