Tampa ranks 17th among most entertaining cities in the US – full list of Florida cities here

You might have your list of the most exciting cities in America, but according to WalletHub, eleven of the most entertaining American cities are located in Florida!

Based on 65 important variables, the study analyzed more than 180 American communities. The nightlife and parties, amusement and recreation, and total expenses were the three main factors.

With a score of 71.38, Las Vegas, Nevada, was ranked as the most enjoyable city in the United States–the city was ranked first by WalletHub in both the nightlife and parties and entertainment and recreation categories.

Orlando ranked near the top of the list, according to the research, thanks to its best theme parks in the country, ends in No. 2. 

Miami, is at No. 3 as the city boasts some of the lowest nightly rates for a three-star hotel and quite affordable average costs for everyday meals like burgers and pizza. It was listed as one of the top cities for soccer supporters as well–the city is ideal for people who enjoy the great outdoors and was named the finest in America for boat tours and water activities.

Tampa was one of the top cities in the United States with the most festivals per population, coming in at number 17 on the list. With a score of 40.13, St. Petersburg was rated as the 38th most enjoyable city in the United States.

These are the Florida cities that offer the most entertainment, per WalletHub:

  • Orlando (No. 2)
  • Miami (No. 3)
  • Tampa (No. 17)
  • Fort Lauderdale (No. 18)
  • Jacksonville (No. 37)
  • St. Petersburg (No. 38)
  • Tallahassee (No. 82)
  • Cape Coral (No. 100)
  • Hialeah (No. 135)
  • Pembroke Pines (No. 142)
  • Port St. Lucie (No. 149)

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