Treasure Island’s Sunset Beach Reopens after month-long closure due to Hurricane Idalia

Sunset Beach on Treasure Island has reopened after being closed for a month. After Hurricane Idalia wiped away much of the dunes, city and county leaders decided to close it down.

“When Idalia came through, about 60% of the vegetation we have here in the dune system, that’s decades old, was washed away,” Treasure Island Public Information Officer Jason Beisel said.

Officials are now encouraging everyone to stay away from the dunes in order to protect the beaches.

“I’m hoping that people will come and respect it. Respect the dunes. Don’t litter. Just make it a good place to come for the future,” beach-goer Dolly Mathias added.

Mathia said she finds herself soaking up Sunset Beach once a week.

“Boy, that storm surge came in and just destroyed the beach. Such a shame, but they’ve been working hard at it for more than a month now, and I just had to come to check it out,” Mathias explained.

We’re told Pinellas County’s tourism tax-funded more than $6 million to make this emergency sand dune restoration project happen.

Some areas are roped off, guarding the dunes with signs that read, ‘Keep off the dunes.’

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