What Time Will The Sun Start Setting Later in Tampa Bay?

Daylight saving time is the reason as to why the sun has been setting earlier and earlier over the past few weeks. While this is not news to us, did you know that our location also plays a role?

During the summer, we are inclined toward the sun, and during the winter we are inclined away from i. This is all because of how the Earth shifts. That’s more daylight hours in the summer, and fewer in the winter.

December 22, sometimes known as the shortest day of the year, is officially just a few weeks away. We are expected to experience the least amount of daylight hours on that day.

Moreover, a significant shift occurs in early and mid-December, where the sun will start setting later in the United States.

Still, leep in mind that the days aren’t getting significantly longer just because the sun is setting later.¬†

When we observe permanent daylight saving time, which runs from March to November, the sun sets later than 5 p.m. rather than 4 p.m. in the course of this year.

However, the sun wouldn’t rise until after 8 a.m. during these cooler winter months.

Right now, the United States is making attempts to switch to permanent daylight saving time, but it will take time to see if these changes are implemented.

The sun sets later in the evenings, giving the impression that the days are getting longer, but in reality, they aren’t.

Because sunrises occurred later each day in early November, there was a modest decrease in the overall quantity of daylight in numerous places.

The latest rising time will remain in this manner till the beginning of January.

Once daylight saving time kicks in, sunrises will gradually get earlier until they reach their earliest point, which will cause them to eventually surpass a particular time once more.

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